[Press Release] PONG World Championship 2019 
發佈日期 2019年02月14日
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Best Players Gather in Hong Kong Competing for the PONG World Championship


PONG World Championship cum Hong Kong Reality E-Sports Festival will be held on 22nd-24th March in Central’s Harbourfront. Public can experience different types of e-sports activities in the upcoming event. Being the high-profile activity in festival, PONG World Championship will be held for three days. The worldwide PONG champion team and the MVP will be born in this tournament.


PONG World Championship

More than a dozen players from different countries and cities will gather in Hong Kong to compete for the PONG World Championship. Teams who entered to this contest have already beaten their opponents from local competitions. After three days of fierce competition, we shall know who the world champion of PONG is.


Wild Card

Players who missed their seats in the local contest can also get back to the championship entry via Wild Card tournament. It will be held at the assigned Hong Kong venue on 20th March. The first three winning teams will be qualified to enter PONG World Championship to challenge with top players and win the prizes.



Likewise, amateurs and the public can participate in open competitions during the event. Each match has different themes, like challenge, combo out, count up and classic competitions. Every joiner can enjoy the festival and have chance to win up to USD$23,000.


President of the World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) Billy Gaines and 2018 world beer pong winner will also fly from Las Vegas to Hong Kong to challenging with players and share their techniques to us.


Free Entry

This 3-days event “PONG World Championship cum Hong Kong Reality E-Sports Festival” will be from 22-24 March. You may have fun, witness tournaments and win up to USD$23,000 there. Remember to save your date and don’t miss it! Friendly reminder, the festival is free entry. See you there.


For more details of Wild Card and PONG Open, please visit https://www.facebook.com/pongconnecthk/ or http://www.pongconnect.com/pwc

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